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Between 1998 and 2004, Maharaki presents 5 solo exhibitions between the Caribbean and Europe, participates in 3 collective exhibitions, sets up a happening in the rue Joseph Compère in Fort-de-France in Martinique, is involved in many artistic projects alongside the association for the defense of children's rights "Enfance et partage"; and collaborates for two consecutive years in the creation of giant puppets for the carnival parades of Martinique.

In February 2003, Maharaki was invited to exhibit in Portugal as part of the Martinique Week organized at the Leer Devagar bookstore in Lisbon.

In December 2004, Maharaki organizes and participates in a marathon exhibition as part of the Telethon events. This exhibition, which lasted 72 hours non-stop, brought together 3 jazz groups, 56 painters and sculptors, more than 250 works and donated €5,000 to the Telethon.

"...From drawings on the walls of a cave to satellite photos, from ochre tones to monochrome blues and greens, or from a simple black line to a skillful mix of primary colors, everything that touches and moves me is situated between "Heaven and Earth". I paint on world maps, subway or city maps and I magine the earth from the sky. I paint on wood, burlap, sand mixes and raw materials. I make films, I share stories and emotions. I thus leave the testimony of my belonging to the past, present and future. - Maharaki "

Over the years, Maharaki's paintings have been acquired by international buyers and are thus dispersed throughout the world.

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